Insurance Information

 Insurance claims are submitted under each individual doctor’s name.  For all in-network claims, we will submit claims directly to your insurance company.  If the doctor is out-of-network with your insurance company, we ask that you follow the procedure outlined below.  Please review the following policy descriptions:

In-network claims

If the doctor IS a preferred provider on your insurance plan, he/she is considered in-network.  For all in-network claims, we will bill your insurance company and the insurance company will reimburse the doctor directly.  You will be responsible for paying your copay at every visit.

Out-of-network claims

If the doctor is NOT a preferred provider on your plan, he/she is considered out-of-network.  For all out-of-network claims, you will be expected to pay for your visit in full at the time of your office visit.  We will provide you with the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company so you can be directly reimbursed.

Dr's. Cherry, Morales, and Wasserman are contracted with the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross PPO
Blue Cross HMO
Managed Health Network (“MHN”)
Aetna PPO
Aetna HMO
BSMHSA (Magellan)
Sutter Health
Optum (United Healthcare)

Dr. Bayla is contracted with:

Blue Cross PPO/HMO





Please be advised that the mental health coverage is often “carved-out” to a company other than your main medical carrier.  For instance, if you have Health Net HMO for your medical coverage, you might have MHN for your mental health coverage.  It is important that you contact the member services department at your insurance company if you have any questions about your coverage, since you are ultimately responsible for payment on your account.